We carry out sound projects of all kinds in any of their phases. We contribute experience and creativity, from creation and development of the initial idea through to final sound production.

Cinema, advertising, television and podcasts

  • Sound design and post-production for cinema, commercials, TV and podcasts
  • Dubbing of films, series and shorts
  • Sound production for industrial videos and infomercials
  • Mixing in stereo, 5.1, 7.1 surround sound and ambisonics
  • Musical rights management
  • Music selections for film, advertising and television
  • We have a large portfolio of dubbing voice actors

Music, theatre and soundtracks

  • Sound recording, audio mixing and mastering for bands and orchestras
  • Making jingles and original soundtracks for commercials, audiovisual productions and public events
  • Sound productions and musical creations like firework music, mappings or audiovisual shows

Effects and multimedia

  • Large catalogue of sound effects (SFX)
  • Specialists in creating Foley effects (recreating background noise)
  • Creation of Sound Design and sound atmospheres for multimedia content
  • Specialists in 360º surround sound, sound fiction and virtual reality (VR)

Global connections

Ability to connect to studios worldwide using these systems:

  • Source-Connect
  • Session Link
  • Roonect
  • APTX

Conexiones globales